I have enjoyed living in Arizona for over 30 years. Earning a degree in electrical engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, I had the opportunity to work as a designer in the area of power electronic systems. I have served on scientific boards and have been awarded U.S. patents. My political experience includes chairing a political party and serving on local boards. Perhaps more importantly is the fact that I have run a company, hired people, made payroll and added to the Arizona economy.



My experience encompasses science, business and politics. I believe this mix helps in approaching problems, determining a roadmap and achieving solutions. Arizona being a dry state is especially dependent on a sustainable water plan that protects what has been built and allows those who live here to continue to pursue their dreams. A predictable water supply is essential to residents, business and farmers.  My approach will look at best practices, work with other agencies but not be afraid to question orthodoxy as required. The enabling legislation in Title 48 allows the CAWCD Board latitude and discretion in ensuring water security within Arizona. It’s time to use it. I ask for your vote.