It's Time

A vision of water security and stability for future generations to enjoy their quality of life in the desert.

Sensible Solutions

I am running for Central Arizona Project Board to ensure Arizona has a viable water sourcing plan.

Are you interested in volunteering? Help with social media, yard signs and direct voter contact. Talent comes in many forms. Join the team.


Read about how free markets can help solve water supply problems. Often it is assumed that centralized solutions are better than aggregated forces. Competition is part of the solution.
The western US is in the midst of a serious water shortage. The Colorado River is essential to the well being of Arizona. Let's explore some solutions.
Help Jim get elected. His background lends itself to practical solutions incorporating science, building consensus, supporting property rights and rejecting special interest politics.

The Drought Contingency Plan - DCP

Here is my perspective on The Drought Contingency Plan.

The Drought Contingency Plan (DCP) attempts to mitigate the reduction in lower basin water use by implementing certain conservation measures. Essentially finding a negotiated way to stabilize the Colorado River watershed. Lower basin states including Arizona use Colorado River water stored in Lake Mead. Lake Mead is at a critical level which which if not addressed could cause a "death spiral". This shortfall could occur in 2019 or 2020.